“Children need opportunities to develop their potential.”

Our foundation assists children and adolescents in Germany and internationally who don’t have these opportunities.

Our projects, which are aimed at a variety of socio-cultural levels, are sustainable, well-structured and strictly non-profit.

With the possibility of more effective learning, recognition and understanding, our foundation aims to offer children an enhanced sense of value and the chance of a better, autonomous future.

In the beginning was an idea.

For many years, a specialization of my Hamburg opticians’ practice Dr. Kaupke & Partners has been the diagnosis and treatment of early childhood eyesight problems. Those unspecialized in the field rarely understand the fundamental significance of good eyesight for a child’s development. Even a slight eyesight weakness can have dramatic and far-reaching consequences when left untreated. Good eyesight is an unconditional requirement for learning, performance and the chance of a successful future. All too often, problems with the eyes go unrecognized, negatively affecting the child’s development, irrespective of his or her intelligence.

My primary objective is to actively combat this problem, within the framework of my own practice. For this reason I founded the H.I.T. Stiftung (Foundation) GmbH in 2014. It’s goal is to support children and adolescents (particularly from deprived backgrounds) with undiagnosed seeing difficulties in pursuing the life that they choose.

The H.I.T. Foundation is established on the values of good eyesight, better learning and the imparting of values in accordance with a liberal-democratic humanistic approach, as well as a basis of acute care, developing self-help and public relations. We run eye-tests and provide children with free glasses in remote regions such as Polynesia, Tanzania, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nepal. We train and equip local social workers, teachers, caregivers and childcare workers in running their own eyesight test programs. With inter-cultural “future workshops” we promote the development of a humanistic, liberal-democratic, future and peace-oriented sense of values in young people. We are raising public awareness of the necessity of eyesight screening.

Good eyesight enables good learning. Good learning and sense of values offer the chance of a good quality of life.

Through this website I would like to introduce our foundation and our projects. And of course I would like to encourage as many sponsors and promoters of our projects as possible. Many volunteers and supporters have already become involved in the goals of the foundation. Without them our work would not be possible. I owe you all my thanks!

I would be delighted if I could win you over as a supporter of our projects. You can find out more about the possibilities to help here. For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your Dr Peter P. Kaupke

* H.I.T. Foundation: Hamburg Insitute of Vision, Neurosensoric, Psychomotoric, Psychodidactic, Opthalmic Research, Training and Therapy.

H.I.T. Stiftung Gründer und Projektleiter Dr. Peter P. Kaupke
Founder and Project Management:
Dr. Peter P. Kaupke

We look forward to your support!

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