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„SAVE CHILDREN´S SIGHT – FOR A BETTER CHANCE IN LIFE”At the starting point was the thought, “how can we help children in educationally isolated regions of the world to get early and reliable eye tests?” The H.I.T. Foundation started in 2014 in an unconventional way – it was able to recruit the support of the legendary round-the-world flotilla “Blue Planet Odyssey”. The ships of the Blue Planet Odyssey sail to the most remote regions of the world, which aren’t reachable by any other form of transport. The crews took on board the H.I.T. special screening packs with technical equipment, eye test cards, and standardized questionnaires for data-collection. After thorough training, they were able to carry out professional eyesight examinations in agreement with the responsible local people …

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Thaiti 3 - H.I.T. Stiftung gGmbH Hamburg, Dr. Peter P. Kaupke

Within the framework of the project “AMBLYOCATION” we support children, young adults and their families in the treatment of neuro-sensory vision, processing and perception disturbances – for example, in the therapy of so-called amblyopia with an innovative computer-assisted training treatment, which has, until now been almost completely unfunded by the public healthcare system. We also promote the scientific development of this new successful therapy through the awarding of grants.

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